Chicago / Performance

Out of Limbo and Into the Fringe

It had humble beginnings. It was still cold, I remember. Some proddings to explore our own work. Sneaking into a rec center with borrowed IDs. Dropping our name into a chance lottery.  A Sunday routine. Getting kicked out of a rec center. A 10 minute piece. A casual showing. Some conversation, some cheese and that was going to be it.

Then I got an email, and ever since, everything has happened so fast. ‘Hub and Spoke’, a full-length dance work by The Dance Team, is happening, thanks to the hard work and dedication of all the dancers and the support of friends and collaborators. Allow me to give some shout outs after the jump.

Photography by Lizz Knowlton

Big thanks to all these people: Brian Webb, lead singer of local Chicago band of Jonny Rumble, for being as flexible as he is talented. Laurie, wife to Jack Rose, for granting us the rare permission to use his music in live performance. The gang running the Chicago Fringe Festival, because I could not. Lizz Knowlton (, for her talents as a photographer in all of our promotional photos. Alex Rumsey, for his advice on the design of promotional materials. Tree Fox /  BooshWorks, for their incredible local-artist discounts and quick turn around on postcard and poster printing. Ryan Cosens, for performance photographs. Nadia Oussenko, for filming and editing our performance. Every single backer on our Kickstarter, for encouragement more than cash.

Our first show is less than two weeks away, and still you might be wondering, what is it about? If you are so curious to know ahead of time, I will frame it in a separate post, so as not to spoil anything for those who prefer to remain ignorant.


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