Chicago / Performance

The Box the Gift Came In

Chris Knowlton of the Dance Team: Chicago Squad recently premiered his solo The Box the Gift Came In at the Links Hall annual benefit THAW: A Night of Hot Ballyhoo at the DANK Haus German America Cultural Center in Chicago. And by “benefit”, we mean a full-on balls-to-the-wall 30+ performer line-up dance extravaganza laced with food, drinks and the most amazing people we know (Check out Time Out Chicago’s photos from THAW if you have any doubts.)

So before the Ballyhoo and open bar, what does it take to make a box come to life?

Lots of plannings, pounds of cardboard and hours and hours and hours of building. (to Amanda: “Next dance I make won’t have any costumes. There won’t even be an audience.”)


His name is Gilbert. He’s not afraid to show his face now because he’s got more surprises than you could guess. (He’s not afraid of anything!) But what would Yvonne Rainer have to say about the performance?

C’mon, Yvonne; you’re hurting Gilbert’s feelings.


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