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Tired of pre-packaged dance? Get fresh at PRODUCE

Tonight and every Friday for the next three weeks, The Dance Team: Chicago Squad brings excerpts from Hub and Spoke to Art Intercept‘s highly anticipated PRODUCE series. Co-curators Lauren Warnecke and Russell Weiss promise we’ll “witness the deconstruction and regeneration of existing works thrust into unforeseen territories.”

Okay. Sure. That all sounds very nice and epic and grant-proposal worthy. But this is America, so let’s make some equal opportunity for understanding; what can we really expect as audiences and participants? What would make PRODUCE a Time Out Chicago’s Critic Pick? And what does it have to do with food? More after the mugshots.

PRODUCE’s co-curators Lauren Warnecke (left) and Russell Weiss. (Photo credit: Russell Weiss)

Think of it like a Girl Talk remix; instead of pop music, we’ll use dances. Think of it like a potluck, where there’s so much food on your plate, you can’t keep the baked beans separate from your potato salad. Think of it like a dance festival, where you see all the pieces at the same time instead of one after another.

PRODUCE is an experiment in producing – as in managing a production that incorporates many different elements. Just like a live DJ, pre-composed choreography, music and lighting with be reinvigorated every Friday according to the improvised contextualization inherent in the parallel performance structure of the series. Finally, let’s let Nora Younkin remind us that it’s okay to not know what to expect when attending live performance. Half the fun is finding out what will happen when The Dance Team shares space and time with artists:

Experience the experiment with us tonight 8pm at the Menomonee Club Drucker Center, Fasseas White Box Theatre (1535 N Dayton St., Chicago). Tickets are $8 for a single Friday or $25 for the entire series, available online or at the door. If you can’t catch it this week when we crack the eggs, catch it during the next three Fridays as we mix the batter and bake the cake.


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