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Dance as translation: The Dance Team’s Christopher Knowlton dances his Ph.D.

{Photo credit: Lizz Knowlton}

As you may already know, The Dance Team’s Christopher Knowlton is currently working on his Ph.D. in Bioengineering. So when the national Dance Your Ph.D. Contest announced its fourth annual competition, it was too good to pass up.

What is the Dance Your Ph.D. Contest? Exactly what it sounds like; anyone working on or holding a Ph.D. in a science-related field creates a dance (well, truly a dance film) that explains their Ph.D. This is a huge improvement upon the awkward conversations that happen with friends, leading to glazed over eyes and them asking you the same thing next month. The contest was started by John Bohannon, who, with the help of Black Label Movement, explains his philosophy in a stunning recent TED talk.

Check out Chris’s dance for camera to learn all about knee replacements.

Isn’t science fun? If you want more insight into the dance film and how it was created, check out Lauren Warnecke’s interview article with Chris on Dance Advantage. Be sure to see all of the diverse, informational, exceptional and fun entries on the Dance Your Ph.D. Contest website.

UPDATE: Chris’s film was announced as a finalist in the physics category on Science magazine’s website. Although his film did not win, he has been invited to create a new live work for TEDxWindyCity, the TED talks hosted in Chicago.


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