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The Past is Prologue: An Epilogue

The Past is Prologue at Links Hall was a great success! We’d like to thank the over 140 people who came out to see it, as well as the choreographers, cast, our live musician Brian Webb, our collaborative Hub and Spoke set designer/quilter/mother Kathleen Hayes and our lighting designer & technician Francesca Bourgault.

In case you missed it, read Lauren Warnecke’s review of Saturday’s performance on Art Intercepts blog.

The Past is Prologue is sharply curated, well-executed, and has the highest production value (kudos to Francesca Bourgault) that I’ve seen at Links in a long time.”

More after these images, courtesy of Lizz Knowlton of EMK Photography.

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Regarding the show as a whole:

“Every aspect of The Past is Prologue, showing this weekend at Links Hall, is indicative of the collaborative spirit embraced by The Dance Team. The five pieces that made up Friday’s performance evoked feelings of comfort, familiarity, and community. Contributions of choreography, dancers, enormous quilts, live music, smells, and a fairly beefy technical set-up (as far as Links Hall goes, anyway) from Knowlton’s peers, friends, and even his family members are indicative of the fact that we’re all on his side, and vice-versa. The whole evening is full of the soft palettes, warm-fuzzies, and cozy elements that I needed on a cold Saturday night in the middle of Wriggleyville. The Past is Prologue feels kind of like wrapping in a big blanket in slippers, flipping through Grandma’s scrapbook, drinking a hot toddy…”

Specific praise was reserved for Katie Graves’s Antiques:

“Graves’ keen aesthetic shows up in this dance as well as it does in her photographs, and the opening picture of the piece stood out to me for the rest of the night.  Dancers Christopher Knowlton and Cristina Tadeo beautifully execute this moment, and the ones that follow…”

How did we pull off such a great show? The Past is Prologue would not have been possible without the generous support of our backers: Kathleen Hayes, Booking Dance Festival, Clare Timm, Synapse Arts, Mary Ann Baum, Nathan Fleming & Abby Mohaupt, Benjamin Law, Susan Mumpower-Spriggs, Laurie Swanson, Cathy Pesch, Alex & Joan Murray, James Turnbull, Jordan Reinwald, Gordon Knowlton, Kate Corby, TheWhiteRose and Christopher Soloma de Cadavid, as well as all our backers who asked for no reward.

Look for The Dance Team next  in Dance Union’s Sound and Body May 5th at the Fasseas Whitebox Theater, as well as other events in the works!


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