A Brave New Year with The Dance Team

2012 has been a big year for The Dance Team: fiscal sponsorship, showings, PRODUCE, Dance Your Ph.D.,  The Past is Prologue and countless side projects. (And since the apocalypse was supposed to make 2012 the last year ever, it felt good to go out with a bang!) But we at The Dance Team are big on backup plans – we made it through with nothing worse than a mild hangover and a neck ache, so here’s what you can look forward to in 2013:

  • Live performance for TEDxWindyCity, the TED talks in Chicago Feb. 23
  • Collaborating with Laura Chiaramonte on a performance at the Chicago Art Department Apr. 26-28
  • Dance Union’s Sound and Body May 5
  • Co-oping a new dance space in the West Loop
  • Classes!
  • Touring to Atlanta and New York
  • Bringing our out-of-town Teammates and their work to Chicago
  • A grant or two
  • Countless side projects
  • Getting a taco with Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Okay, so half of those might have been New Year’s resolutions. Point being, we are just getting started. So put your nervous end-of-the-world energy, the cash cache under your mattress and all that disappointingly untested survival training to good use by hanging out to The Dance Team this year. Capiche?


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