About Us

The Dance Team is a pick-up collective of educated movers whose unofficial motto is “I like dance, but I like friends more.” First coalesced at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2006, The Dance Team has bifurcated to Chicago, IL (Chicago Squad) and New York City (Brooklyn Crew) and continues to create and collaborate in both places. Currently, The Dance Team is a fiscally sponsored project under the non-profit arts organization Fractured Atlas.

Trained in modern dance, contact improvisation, release techniques and other contemporary forms, The Dance Team works the boundary between performing and simply “doing.” In place of characterization and formalized dance vocabulary, we explore honest interactions between our dancers, audience members, space and any combination thereof. This has led The Dance Team to collaborate with musicians, architects, engineers, bands, video artists, knitting designers and other artists of different media. Our methods have infused our works with contagiously strong themes of community, play, teamwork, awkwardness, friendship, home, curiosity, ruckus and rocking out.

We party hard, we enjoy what we do and we love you, very, very much. To keep up-to-date with our most current doings and getting-downs, like us on Facebook!

So come on out and support The Dance Team, because it’s your team.


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