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The Box Our Gift Comes In

Dear friends,

We don’t like to be too sentimental. But we know how to be grateful.

Dance does not produce a tangible, scalable product that can be sold, wrapped in a box, handed to you, unwrapped, placed on a mantle and admired. In fact, dance has always been about live experience. It’s about people sharing common space and common time which sum to a common experience. It’s about participating and observing, being present, details and nuances, expressions and impressions. It’s about disconnecting from the digital age (please turn off your phones!) and actual connecting. It’s about sights, sounds, touch, smells and smiles. It’s feeling, evoking, remembering and making memories, with the people we love, the people we’d like to love and even complete strangers. Aren’t the holidays the same thing?

So although we cannot give you a gift in a box, we can give you The Box the Gift Came In, a solo created this year by Christopher Knowlton of The Dance Team. Enjoy!

The Box the Gift Came In was originally created for Links Hall’s 2012 THAW: A Night of Ballyhoo at Chicago’s DANK Haus German American Cultural Center. Since then, it has been performed for Dance Films Kino at Temple Gallery, a benefit for Salty Lark Dance at Horseshoe, Nasty, Brutish & Short: A Puppet Cabaret at Links Hall, Salonathon EXTENDED FAMILY at Beauty Bar and Bizarre Bazaar: A Holiday Special at Red Tape Theatre. Now, it’s for you.

Hugs and funny feelings forever,

The Dance Team


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