Class / NYC/Brooklyn

Wednesday Morning Study Group

First off, let’s get something clear. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but I like you anyway. Everyone is coming from different ideas and backgrounds and personal histories and it all has a place here. And here is WEDNESDAY MORNING STUDY GROUP.

We have been meeting at McCarren Park in Brooklyn at 9am every wednesday morning. We will continue to do so until, and perhaps even past when the weather “changes.” But the coming of fall and snow and FASHION I mean needing to wear more layers…is really hot right now. Maybe not snow, not yet, but fall definitely. So we meet in the park, and we chat and actively gather. This means we don’t stress about punctuality because that is a waste of energy and besides, breakfast is more important. Then we do a little fake Qi-Gong or work on handstands a little. We talk about anatomy, and now I’m even going to start bringing VISUALS. Then we walk over to ‘the studio,’ which so far is at Triskelion Arts, from 10-Noon and we get busy. But we’re still just hanging out. You know what I mean? So we chat and play little word games and if we’re tired we roll around in a really imaginative and specific way, then we do a thing or two to get up. Once we have gotten up, we dance around in as fun a way as we know how. “Everybody dance like there’s ass in your pants.” That sort of thing. AND THEN

It really depends on the mood, but so far we’ve ended with little composition/improvisational games/exercises that have proved most rad.

That’s now. That’s here. The future is coming and I’ve got some ideas, but we’ll wait a little longer to get to those. For now, enjoy your last swimming beach days, but remember that the beach in fall is ideal for surfing.


– Steve May


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